Pulled Pork Pizza
12" Sweet + Savoury BBQ Sauce, Pulled Pork, Red Onion. Allow 20-30mins
฿ 379.00
Spicy Pork Belly, Bacon + Pulled Pork Pizza
12" Sweet and Savoury BBQ Sauce, Dried Chilli Flakes, Pork Belly, Bacon, Red Onion, Jalapeno, Black Olives, Fresh Chillies. Allow 20-30mins   / 379.00thb
฿ 379.00
Carnivore Pizza
12" Sweet BBQ and Tomato Sauce, Australian Lamb Balls, Australian Beef Balls and Pork Balls, Bacon, Pulled BBQ Chicken, Pork Belly, Pulled Beef, Pulled Lamb, Mushrooms , Capsicum, Red Onions, Black Olives   / 429.00thb
฿ 429.00
Chilli Con Carne Pizza
12" Spicy Tomato Sauce, Spicy Chilli Beef topped with Coriander and Corn Chips  / 419.00thb
฿ 419.00
Beef Bolognese Pizza
12" Tomato Sauce, Red Onions, Ground Beef, Double Cheese, Parmesan Cheese topped with fresh Basil Leaves  / 419.00thb
฿ 419.00
Pizza Margherita
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes and Italian Sweet Basil on Napoli Sauce
฿ 369.00
Devilish Chicken Mex
Grilled chicken with red onions, jalapeno, capsicum, fresh cheese and fresh mozza cheese topped with fresh coriander and served with sour cream
฿ 389.00