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Food Boxes

Recycled Cardboard

We source from local Thai suppliers who create cardboard boxes from recycled paper and cardboard. Our main food items are packed in our Carry Boxes, we line the bottom and sides with unbleached paper, printed with Soy Ink for our branding, and all items such as chips, breads and other loose items are packed without additional paper bags or boxes. Small paper bags for loose-packed items are made from wax-lined paper. For soups and wet boxes, we prefer the use of wax lined products, but sometimes need to resort to plastic lined packaging (we prioritise wax products). Some items that are saucy and wet need to be enclosed in foil trays, we don’t like the high resource input to make foil, but these can easily be re-purposed in your own kitchen later. All foil trays feature a paper lid not plastic.

Carry Bags

Paper + HDPE

We use Carry Boxes made from recycled cardboard that not only hold our food, but also have their own built-in handle (see above). Our main carry bag is an 80-gram unbleached Kraft paper bag with cut-out handle. It is large enough to use for most of our loose items. Now we don’t like to use plastic carry bags, but for delivery sometimes it is essential. Especially when it rains or when you order a lot of items that cannot fit in our paper bags. We minimise the use of plastic bags as much as possible both in operation and packaging.


Paper + PP

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. Sauces and condiments that need a tight seal are placed in PP plastic boxes or recycled wax-lined paper cups with PP lids. PP is safe for food packaging due to its high heat resistance. Sometimes we have no choice but we minimise as much as we can. For condiments such as sour cream, cheese and salsa, we use a recycled paper box that is lined with wax. Drinks when requested for take-home/delivery are provided in paper cups only with a wax lining and PP lid.

Vacuum Packaging


Again, another tricky packaging item. The nature of vacuuming means that we need to use PS to ensure oxygen does not leak from the finished product ensuring food storage safety. We only use this item for operations when necessary (extending the life of smoked meats in the fridge) and Sous Vide cooking. Mostly we use this packaging for delivering frozen or chilled vacuum packed meats to clients on our BBQ Shop.


Consider recycling or re-using our packaging. Instead of just popping it into the general trash – use a recycling bin. Consider re-using or re-purposing our packaging. For example the cardboard box can be placed in the garden, filled with soil, and plant seeds or a plant in it – after some time the cardboard will dissolve and your plants will be happy in their new bedding. The foil tray that held your chicken wings can be washed and used as a baking tin for your next cake. Our sauce pots can be washed and re-used for you office packed lunch box.



To minimise plastics + foil both in operation and delivery packaging.


Investing more for the environment and the future today.


To use local suppliers + manufacturers that exhibit responsible manufacturing and sustainable materials.

Redundant Items

Minimise use of straws and disposable cutlery. When necessary paper straws and bioplastic cutlery is provided upon request only. Tissues, Napkins and Toothpicks are based on request only. Disposable plates and trays are not available.

Food Safety

All of our food packaging must be Food Safe.. Plastics must be BPA free. Plastics used for heated food items must offer high heat resistance such as PP. All items must be indicated as food safe from supplier.


PP - polypropylene
HDPE - High-density polyethylene
PS - polyethylene


Carry Box

Carry Bag

Food Tray