Man Meets Meat + Smoke


BBQ & Aussie Grub

Low & Slow Barbecue

We bring you real BBQ in seriously big portions – smoked for up to 14 hours over low heat w/ imported hickory wood. For more than 8 years the pitmaster has prepared Low+Slow BBQ Beef Brisket, Lamb Ribs, Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Pork Belly, Chicken and Beef Sausages for Bangkok BBQ lovers. We compliment our BBQ with our own Devilish Seasonings and BBQ Sauces. Sides include BBQ favourites such as house cornbread, BBQ salads, BBQ beans and Texas Bread. 

We have got platters for big appetites and catering options for in-house groups and outside BBQ parties.

We are proud that our customers have declared us the “Best BBQ in Bangkok” …
…. we are humble but proud … so want to share that with you here 😀


Aussie Pub Grub

From the corner deli, coffee shop, pub or restaurant you will see that Aussies love to relax as they eat with friends over conversation and drinks. The pub meal is a highlight of that lifestyle. We explore the highlights of meals that you will encounter at the local Aussie Pub … from the Front Bar to the open-air beer garden, bistro or tavern .. our menu includes our own retake on those classics including the Chicken Parmigiana, Fish+Chips, Burgers, Steaks and Pies … 

In Bangkok, you too can head down to the Pub for a Parmy with your friends (mates) … drop by and experience Devilish tonight .. the ambiance, the menu and the atmosphere will whisk you mind and tastebuds to Australia.  

All of our meals are prepared fresh .. we call that “from scratch” .. adhering to Slow Food Values our approach to preparing your meal is simple .. fresh vegetables .. quality sourced ingredients either from Australia or local artisan suppliers .. prepared on order .. we make most of our meal components, seasonings, sauces, chutney and condiments “from scratch” .. our burger beef is ground from whole cuts to our own blend .. our bread is sourced from local French bakeries .. 



St. Louis Pizza

Thin crispy base, home-made sauce, topped all the way to the edges with your favourite BBQ meats and fresh vegetables and aromatics, smothered in St. Louis-style smokey creamy cheese, fired on the BBQ and cut in squares before hitting your table to share.


Available in 10″ Small Pizza and 12″ Medium Pizza


St. Louis-style pizza is a distinctive type of pizza popular in the Midwestern city of St. Louis, Missouri – now available in Bangkok.


Fish + Chips

Australian expats and seafood lovers rejoice … our Fish + Chips Shop menu highlights local sea-caught fish and sustainable imported fish … beer battered, grilled or cumbed … it’s all your own choice … side salad … chunky hot chips with Chicken Salt … choice of dips/sauces … fritters and more …


We have got Baskets, Treasure Chests and Snack Boxes so there’s always a combo right for you 😀

The Devilish Milk Bar menu is available at the Fish Shop – you can grab an “Aussie with the Lot” that highlights the expected Grilled Pineapple, Runny Egg and Beetroot with 180-gram imported Australian Beef Patty blended in-house … it’s a Fish + Chip Shop the Aussie Way …  

Dine-in or Takeaway


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What our Customers Say

"You guys do the best chicken parma in town.."
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"Excellent place for meat lovers which is hard to find in Bangkok with such atmosphere and quality.
Great restaurant, with generous portions and the best Nashville fried chicken in Thailand.